DAAN EN DOORS OPPIE DIGGINS – Louis Verwey, Rod Alexander – South African DVD *New*


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Artist/Stars: Louis Verwey, Rod Alexander, Volenté Bertotti
Contents: Daan Viviers, better known as Daan Bobbejee, rescues a stranger fleeing from a gun-waving crowd. After pitting their strength against each other in an arm-wrestling contest that lasts a day and night, Daan and the stranger – Doors Dorrengen – become sworn friends. Daan has also found the partner he has wished for to help him work the diggings inherited from his father. This dismays the scheming diamond smuggler and his accomplices who have their eyes on Daan’s diamond-rich claim. Daan and Doors discover the villain’s plans to acquire the property, and embark on a cunning and quick counterattack. After some narrow escapes, Daan and Doors get away in the smuggler’s car, pursued by the villain himself, airborne and shooting at them from above. The intrepid duo stops on a desolate piece of veld, but it is the the crooks who are in for a nasty surprise.

Cast:    Louis Verwey, Rod Alexander, Volenté Bertotti
Country:    South Africa
Director:    Dirk de Villiers
Film Genre:    Comedy, Action, Adventure
Keywords:    Culture aound mining South Africa
Language:    Afrikaans
Length:    90 minutes
Producer:    Dirk de Villiers
Year:    1975
Catalog Number: MNETDVD278

Quote: “Please be aware that the footage in this film is archive content that may in some cases be grainy, contain lines or have voice synchronization delays.”

Country: South Africa
Region Code:
Region 2 / PAL

Please make sure you are able to view this region DVD before purchase – we are unable to offer a refund if the incorrect Region DVD is purchased.

New/Used: New
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